Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY- Atti Cat Blown In Insulation

We're sleeping warmer upstairs and anticipate being $650 richer after this DIY project (not taking into consideration any energy savings!).   We added 14 inches blown insulation to our attic, bringing it from an R12 to an R50.  Highly recommend you take advantage of these rebates!!!

- AttiCat Insulation (10 bags required for free rental of blowing machine at Home Depot)
- AttiCat Insulation Blowing Machine (a free rental with 10 bags, even if bags are returned)
- Rigid Polystyrene Attic Rafter Vents (for soffits)
- N95 Mask
- Safety Glasses
- An extra set of hands (this is a two person job- 1 person loading blower, 1 person blowing)
- Walkie Talkie (Helpful for communication.  We left the blower outside on the deck as it makes a bit of a mess and ran the hose through the upstairs window.  We used a one way baby monitor to communicate when to "start" and "stop" the machine... worked great).

Prep time: we set aside a full morning to clear the attic and add the rafter vents
2 hours blowing time

Total Cost (Cost -$300 + $950 Rebates = $650 in your pocket!)
AttiCat Expanding Blown Insulation (7 bags x $31.74) = $251
AttiCat Insulation Blowing Machine (free with purchase of 10 bags, we returned 3 unused)
Extra labour (a few beers)

Total Rebate ($950)
Ontario Home Energy Savings Rebate: $750
HEAT (Home Energy Assistance Toronto) Rebate: $200

Helpful links

Atti Cat

Ontario Home Energy Rebate

Toronto HEAT Rebate

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