Thursday, March 31, 2011

David Ferrer- Please do not fire warning shots at babies!

I will prefice this post by first saying that this has nothing to do with cottage construction/planning or the outdoors for that matter.  Sorry to all the true cattagers that may be disappointed with this post.  I've decided to create a new label to this blog entitled "on my mind" for posts that are unrelated to cottage planning and the outdoors.

Being a new mum, I feel compelled to blog about David Ferrer firing a warning shot towards a crying baby!  Are you kidding me David?  While I can sympathize with the frustration of having a crying baby at a tennis match, firing a warning shot into the audience is ridiculous!  Although the ball did not come close to the baby, lobbing a ball in the direction of the crying baby was immature and unsportsmanlike.  With that said, I am not suggesting that babies be brought to quarter final tennis matches, where silence is an expectation.  There are some places that babies do not belong.  All things considered, I'm glad he lost the match and hopefully for future matches, the dad will get a babysitter. 



  1. You have to wonder about some of these people and ask what they are thinking? I understand they need their concentration etc, but c'mon firing a ball at a baby crying, or even reacting in that manner shows a person who doesn't have much self control in my opinion.
    As for straying from cottage topics that's OK. I struggle with that myself quite often. However, I think as bloggers we all have a responsibility to write about whatever is on our mind from time to time, even if it is outside of our usual niche.
    The good news is, the weather is getting better and cottage time is here!! Yippee

  2. Other athletes don't require silence to perform.... Perhaps we need to re-think the (?unrealistic and unnecessary) expectation.