Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camping with a baby: A whole new adventure!

Before having a baby, we weren't sure how portable a baby would be and how easily we could incorporate our little one into our lives and ambitious dream of one day building a cabin on our boat access only waterfront lot.  We know how to navigate the waves to our property, build a fire with damp wood, and cook a meal on the bbq but we know nothing about doing it with a baby!

As we plan for this year's summer season, I wonder how our newest member of the family is going to adapt and how we will adapt as outdoor parents!  Will this early exposure to the outdoors help her to grow and love nature?  Will she grow to make a connection with the natural environment like her parents?  I wonder what impact it has on a baby to spend so much time outdoors, close to the elements, looking at the trees and open water.  Although we're only a 1 1/2 hour drive from home, this isn't going to be the urban city that she's used to.

As I start to think about her first steps with nature, I get overwhelmed with excitement and anxiousness!  It's much different for those that are bringing their baby to an existing cottage (vs a cottage dream)!  We are still roughing it!  How do you babyproof the outdoors?  It's arguably impossible but I am inspired and calmed by my memories of camping at national parks and seeing other young couples tent camp and backcountry hike with their new additions..... proof that it's possible, that it can be done, and that we are going to do it!

Keep checking back for more stories, perspectives, and reflections of our new adventure at our waterfront lot with our baby and for DIY ideas and pre-construction planning updates!

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